The Recording Room is a fairly large space designed as a multi purpose area, The acoustic treatment is along the lines of the control room, Absorptive wall treatment with strategically placed tuned resonators for low frequency control and the large suspended cloud yields a tight tone ideal for wide variety of recording applications such as vocals, instruments, foley, ADR etc. Comprehensive signal routing is established between the rooms allowing two way audio, video and network transmission.


The large window provides the option of natural sunlight if desired, This room can function as a jam room as the space is also equipped with the a collection of instruments such as drum kit and amplifiers. Finally the recording room is also integrated as a Dolby Atmos home theatre based around Denon, Klipsh and Sony products, Laser aligned and calibrated to result in super engaging movie and music listening experience.

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B9/9, Third Floor

Rajouri Garden

New Delhi - 27.